Site Promotion – Doing the Right Type of Promotion at the Right Time

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had people come up to me and tell me that their sites aren’t performing as they have expected. Once I dig a bit deeper I’ve found that they’ve either done the wrong type of promotion or no promotion whatsoever.Only last week I checked a friend’s website stats and found that he was getting between 4 and 6 visitors a day. Within 24 hours I had that up to 60 visitors and 6 days later he’s had over 100 visitors a day for the past 2 days.There isn’t any voodoo or witchcraft involved in this it’s just a matter of doing the right type of promotion at the right time. Website promotion is not some one size fits all technique. You need to tailor your site promotion to each website stage.Each site has a number of distinct stages in its life span.Initially you need to get the site into Google and other search engines fast.Next you need to get traffic to the site while the site is rising up through the website rankings.Finally you need to maintain the sites position at the top of the rankings.Each one of these stages need a different type of promotion and different types of skills. Stage one can be quickly achieved by using automated promotion tools which will also give the site a boost in stage 2.Stage 2 requires the most technical skill and is the most time consuming you can easily outsource much of the work here if you have chosen a profitable niche. Do this right and you could be ranked 999 in Google and still make more money that the guys in the top 3.Stage 3 is the easiest stage and just needs you to provide the site with an occasional boost. However you need to keep an eye on your rankings and be aware of other marketers challenging you for the top spot.

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