Annual List Building Plan – Explained In 3 Simple Steps

As I’m sure you already know, there are a ton of different list building strategies, and equally as many differing opinions on which one(s) work best.

So when I first started purposefully list building (back in 2004), I would try all of these different list building strategies… and none of them really worked! Well, they didn’t work consistently, anyway.

It wasn’t until I took a step back and looked at exactly what I was doing that it all started to make sense for me. Me being me, I need to see things in a logical, step-by-step order. It’s how my mind works – if I can’t see the logic in something it doesn’t make sense.

I realized that what I needed to do was organize all of these different list building strategies into a format that made sense to me. And when I analyzed each of the strategies I’d been implementing I realized that different strategies worked at different times, and sometimes I’d get a lot of subscribers in a short amount of time, and at other times I’d get a consistent trickle of subscribers – slow & steady.

The solution to this analysis was to create a List Building Plan, which in turn became my List Building System (and you want to automate and streamline your system wherever possible).

As a result of analyzing all of these different strategies that I was implementing, and looking at which ones worked, and how they worked, I came up with 3 list building layers:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Fast Lead Generation
  3. Skyrocket Your Subscribers

And each one of them works at different times throughout the year.

To get a well-rounded List Building System in place that brings you new subscribers daily (which is the goal of your List Building System) you need to incorporate all three list building layers into your annual marketing plan.

Here are the three different list building layers explained, so you know exactly what to do and when:

Layer 1. Content Marketing: At the heart of your list building plan is the Content Marketing – this is those articles that you write, send out via your newsletter and/or post to your blog. Then you promote those articles via article directories, social media, maybe you record it as a podcast or YouTube video. It’s this constant stream of content that you create that brings you new subscribers on a regular basis, i.e. daily. It’s the slow & steady approach. If you were to just implement a Content Marketing System then your list will grow, but at a much slower pace.

Layer 2. Fast Lead Generators: The next layer of list building, then adds to the Content Marketing by bringing you a lot more subscribers in a shorter amount of time – think short bursts rather than a constant trickle. These are activities such as

  • Hosting your own teleclasses/webinars/online trainings
  • Speaking on other people’s telesummits/virtual events
  • Speaking to networking groups or in-person events
  • Sponsorships – whether a booth/table sponsorship or speaking in front of a group

These are the activities that you want to be thinking of building into your annual marketing calendar – maybe not every week or every month, but certainly several times throughout the year.

I participate in a giveaway event about 3 times a year, with one giveaway event bringing me 1,000+ new subscribers. I’ve done that for about the last 6 years.

I also get asked to speak on telesummits a few times a year too.

And that’s why I refer to this layer as Fast Lead Generators – more subscribers in a shorter amount of time. And it works in tandem with your Content Marketing System.

Layer 3. Skyrocket Your Subscribers: Then the final layer can really add a lot of new subscribers very quickly – if done right we can be talking a couple of thousand new subscribers. And this layer focuses on you hostomg your own giveaway event and/or telesummit. You’re the organizer/host and as such it’s a lot more work than participating in someone else’s event – but the payoff is huge. However, because of the additional work involved, it’s something I only recommend you done once a year, or twice at most.

So you can see why I refer to it as Skyrocket Your Subscribers because this really can add big numbers to your list over a specific time frame – maybe two weeks or even a month depending on how long you have your event running for.

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